Personal Classes

We offer personalised yoga classes – specially crafted for you and your loved ones, conveniently conducted at your space, at a time selected by you.

Whether you are a beginner in the world of yoga unsure about attending a group class, or you are a busy professional who can practice yoga at odd hours, or you have specific needs (such as an injury or a medical condition) that can only be addressed through individual attention, our Personal Classes may be the right choice for your yoga journey

Why Personal Classes?

Individual Attention

Our teachers will be present with you, in your home, to individually guide your asanas, alignment and attitude. We will monitor your progress and nurture your yoga experience. You will enjoy the absolute freedom to ask your questions about yoga to our highly experienced teacher.

Tailor-made Practice

At the outset, our senior teacher will meet you to assess your needs and understand your goals and aspirations. Following this, we will design a roadmap for you, which will be periodically reviewed keeping in mind the progress you make. If you need specific therapy or rehabilitation, we will support your recovery.

In your time, in your space

Our Personal Class packages are based on your convenience: one for those who can commit to a regular, specific schedule; and another for those who require complete flexibility in scheduling. You can practice in your home, or other private spaces, or request us for a room in our Shala. If you are out of town when a class has been scheduled, we offer you the tech-savvy option of taking it online!

Yoga without Borders

Not in Bangalore? We can conduct Personal Classes wherever in the world you may be, through videoconferencing. This may be to continue your regular practice, with an experienced teacher to guide you; or to get you started virtually.

Only the Best for You

Our teachers are highly skilled, vastly experienced and genuinely compassionate. For them, teaching is more than just a profession – it is a responsibility to you and to the ancient tradition of yoga. They are proactive to your needs, during a class and in the long run. We have specialist teachers for different needs, such as prenatal yoga, rehabilitation from injury and chronic disorders, and therapy for trauma, depression and mental illness. Our teachers undergo extensive training and mentoring to ensure their continuous education, so that they are ever-ready to deliver the best yoga experience for you.

Class Packages

Our Class Packages are suited for different people with varying needs. Whether you’re looking for structure or flexibility, we have a plan for you! 

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