The Journey

Amrutha Bindu Yoga was incepted in 2014 by 2 yoga devotees Sandeep and Medha to express and extend their yoga practice to everybody. Built with love, compassion, and rustic traditional practices Amrutha Bindu Yoga is spreading the authentic yoga and Ayurveda disciplines to help people with their journey within.

Abiding by the holistic and practical approach, going beyond postures, weight loss and flexibility, Amrutha Bindu approaches for the deeper essence of yoga.

Today, Amrutha Bindu is a home for many compassionate and competent yoga teachers who maintain the lineage of traditional yet relevant yoga in the modern world.

We welcome you to the family!

The Space

Our yoga shala is built upon these ideas of sustainability. Located off the main roads, our shala’s twin-studio complex houses many styles of yoga practice under one roof. The bright and airy studios are made mostly of repurposed brick and wood, leaving you with a deep sense of grounding from the moment you enter.

Developed primarily to promote a close relationship with nature, our shala is fully equipped with props and other yoga essentials to set you up for a satisfying journey within.

A unique team for unique experience

Amrutha Bindu is a home for a versatile bunch of teachers bringing their own essence into the practice of yoga. Diverse in practice and qualification, they are trained to apply their knowledge of hatha yoga, general anatomy, physiology, psychology, and philosophy. Our teachers, who have a collective teaching experience of over 30+ years, simply take you with them on a journey of self-discovery.

Sandipani Manur


Sandeep is the love that fuels Amrutha Bindu Yoga. Having found his roots in martial arts, he champions his compassion-centred Yoga Philosophy and inspires his students to adopt it as their life’s practise. Each class he teaches, is a story that is versatile, mystical and poetic.

Medha Bhaskar

Co-founder | Yoga teacher

An excellent teacher to practice with. Medha brings her compassion and warmth to every class. Quit her job as a lawyer in a few days, she has taken the journey of yoga to explore herself. Try dodging that ear to ear smile whenever you meet her. Her OCD is borderline so please align.

Biddappa Puttichanda

Yoga teacher

He moved from corporate to fitness in search of happiness, finding it in cycling and later taking up yoga teaching for life to share the happiness within. His classes will take you to a new experience of yoga and will leave you with a feeling to be on the mat again soon. Join him in PUBG as well.

Lakshmi Srinivasan

Yoga teacher

Our indigenous trouble-maker, Lakshmi originally started teaching yoga because she thought it was “cool”; but soon found out how important it is to study and be harmonious with the ‘Self’. She has a knack of smoothly challenging her students only to help them discover their innate capacity. Bribe her for a longer savasana.

Sumanth Aradhya

Yoga teacher

Sumanth started his yoga practice to discover who he truly was. Having found solace in a traditional practice, he quickly jumped from the power-based corporate world to a world of compassion and acceptance. Meticulous and thorough in his classes, Sumanth helps you discover muscles you never knew existed!

Sneha Manur

Yoga teacher

Sneha found yoga when she was looking for ways to stay healthy, and quickly discovered that it brought her to a space of peace and acceptance. Her resolve toward practise is legendary and inspiring. She is also our shala’s favourite cook. Being a nurturer, her classes are deeply therapeutic and invigorating.

Swathi Bharadwaj

Yoga teacher

A Software Engineer turned Yoga Teacher, Swathi brings her chirpiness onto the mat. After having experienced the magic of Yoga practice on the body and mind, she found joy in spreading this magic. Our social media queen, her interests range from sustainable living to fighting patriarchy.

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